16 Days in Japan

Following our first adventure in Japan — documented on 19 Days in Japan — we went back the year after for some more. More strolls in the idyllic narrow streets, more delicious food, new experiences, and a deeper immersion in the culture that has left its mark forever in us.

The following is a collection of words and photos registered in July of 2014.

  • Japan: the second coming

    Japan: the second coming
  • Morning in Takayama

    Morning in Takayama
  • Afternoon in Furukawa

    Afternoon in Furukawa
  • Nagoya Castle

    Nagoya Castle
  • Meeting Maikos

    Meeting Maikos
  • Dragon at Peace

    Dragon at Peace
  • Gion Matsuri

    Gion Matsuri
  • The aquarium

    The aquarium
  • Camellia

  • Izakaya dinner

    Izakaya dinner
  • Yasui Konpiragu

    Yasui Konpiragu
  • Kiyomizu temple

    Kiyomizu temple
  • Batting in Tokyo

    Batting in Tokyo
  • Tokyo from above

    Tokyo from above
  • Robot frenzy

    Robot frenzy
  • Enoshima

  • Jingumae walk

    Jingumae walk
  • Becoming a Tiger

    Becoming a Tiger
  • Back to Ginza

    Back to Ginza
  • Toyko Tower

    Toyko Tower
  • Sayonara

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