Morning in Takayama

The list from last year wasn’t completely marked off so we knew we had to hit the ground running if we wanted to see and do everything we had planned. We wanted to visit Takayama and Furukawa (also know as Hidafurukawa, because it’s not the only one around), two remote small villages in the mountains that have beautiful and well preserved old towns. So on the third day we got up really early and headed to Nagoya on the first train possible to visit the Gifu Prefecture.


Already in Nagoya we had to get in a local train that would travel north to Takayama, our first stop. What ensued next was a relaxing and long ride through one of the most amazing sceneries we had come across with.


We quickly paced our way through the final train station and urban area so we could quickly reach the old town in time for lunch. But all we could see were shops, covering every side of the old town’s narrow streets.

One of them had a sign about homemade soba that was served in the back of the building, and we instantly knew we had to go in. The host, an old but energetic lady, did her best to translate and give us some tips on what to choose and how to eat it. Unforgettable meal, sympathy and ambiance that a small but vibrant garden surrounding us emanated.


One speciality of this town is beef sushi, highlighting the fresh, marbled meat from the region — Hida beef — slightly seared served on top of rice that just melts in the mouth.


The day wasn’t over yet, and we’d go further up north to Hidafurukawa

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