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Earlier this year, right before heading to Hallstatt with Jeff, I visited Munich with the family. Lena and I had been there in 2013 and it seemed a nice place to stroll around with no pressure to see or do a lot and simply enjoy the city.

My friend Thomas, a local Münchner, put together the most amazing city guide complete with multiple recommended daily tours, maps with restaurants and coffee shops, the whole lot. In addition to that, we also planned to visit Neuschwanstein castle with the kids — more on that below.


Neuschwanstein castle is about 2 hours aways from Munich by car. The landscape on the way there and back is absolutely gorgeous, and the kids were super excited to be a on a road trip within a trip.

Lena and I had been to Neuschwanstein before, but we forgot how much you have to climb from the adjacent town at the bottom. Leo was a trooper and walked by herself almost the entire way, but between helping her and Madalena, we were toast at the end of the day.

Last couple of days in Munich

On the second to last day of our trip it was carnival (also known as Shrove Tuesday). Tons of people were outside having fun, eating a bite, or simply showing off their beautiful and creative costumes.

We visited the jaw-dropping outdoor store Globetrotter Equipment (also recommended by Thomas), saw people river surfing in the English Garden, popped over to the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA), and had a quick bite at Viktualienmarkt before packing our things and heading back home.

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  1. jeffgolenski Avatar

    I LOVE this. I also love that the kids’ facial expressions are “dad… another photo? Really?”

    1. Thanks, my friend! Haha, yes. They’re starting to get tired of me always with the camera on their face.

    1. Right back at you, Javi! Appreciate you.

  2. Lindas fotografias! E assim também viajo!

  3. Great photos. Thomas is a great guide to the city! :)

    1. He certainly is! Thanks, Donncha.

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