White fields

Here are a couple more shots from our quick trip to Neuschwanstein. We got there real early in the morning and the surrounding fields were covered with a thin layer of snow, which was long gone before we left the area. Kinda cool to see the metamorphosis of the landscape throughout the duration of a day.


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  1. Did you shoot these with the x100?

    1. keoshi Avatar

      Nope, these were taken with the 5D2 with a 35mm L. As you can see, Lena was holding the x100.

  2. Thought maybe you both had twin x100s. Just making sure. Saw in an earlier post that you sold it? Any reason why? As an admirer of your photos I’ve got my eyes on the x100s. Just doing come recon. Keep posting beautiful stuff please!

    1. keoshi Avatar

      Indeed, I did sell my x100. But just because there was someone interested in it enough for me to consider getting the x100s upgrade; otherwise I would have kept it.

      Either one is a great camera, although the S version might have some of its predecessor’s quirks smoothed out. For example, the AF responsiveness of the x100 was somewhat frustrating. Hope I finally can get the x100s tomorrow — fingers crossed!

      Thanks for the compliments, I truly appreciate them! :)

  3. I stumbled upon your blog today, it’s really a nice clean design. I love it.
    I’m looking forward to see the results from your X100s.

    I’m happy owner of 5D Mk3 myself, with couple prime and zoom lenses. But for traveling I’m considering to purchase something more light weight (without too much sacrifice on the quality of the image).

    So I really love to hear from your point of view as both 5D and X100s owner, how good the image quality and lens quality of this X100s (compared then 5D with 35mm 1.4) which based on tech spec they both have around the sampe perspective.


    Note : I’ll surely do put your blog on my fave bookmark. Keep writing.. keep shooting !!

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