Charming Athens

Recently had the chance to travel to Athens for work. Never been to Athens (nor Greece for that matter) so I was excited to see what it’s all about.

Didn’t have much free time either, only about an afternoon, so I quickly got out on the streets to explore the old town starting with Syntagma; just me and my camera.

Brought the RX1RII out of retirement for this one since I wanted to travel light. Despite the slower AF when compared to the A7IV (obviously) it always impresses me how much stealthier it is to the bigger sister, and how it doesn’t lag behind by much otherwise.

In regards to Athens, two things stuck with me. How quaint and absolutely charming the center of Athens really is. A proper old town, it’s filled with beautiful, contorted, and narrow streets begging to be explored. And how much the Greek and Portuguese cultures have in common despite being relatively distant from one another.

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  1. Never been there, always wanted to. Now, because of your beautiful pictures, even more.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, my friend. You’d love it, I’m sure.

  2. Beautiful! This one of the yellow house could be from one tv serie that I loved that was in Greece, ” Os Durrell”!

    1. Obrigado, Manhé! ❤️

  3. jeffgolenski Avatar

    Outstanding street shots, dude. It looks so cozy and warm. Bonus: cats!

    1. Thanks a bunch, my friend! Always appreciate your words.

  4. Beautiful. Goes on the list ‘Travel destinations for two’.

  5. sanjagrbic Avatar

    Beautiful photos 🤩! I can feel the Athens vibe in every shot. Eagerly awaiting for the pics from your next adventure ;)

    1. Oh heeey, Sanjaaa! Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint. 🤞 Thank you!

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