Land of fire and ice

We knew 5 days would be a short time to explore the unreal landscapes Iceland had to offer, but any and every second spent on that magical land is bliss.

It was our first trip without baby L and we got to push our limits — we set out to drive all around Iceland through the Ring Road (aka Route 1) in just 5 days. Had lots of check points planned, but found even more surprises as the land revealed itself along the way.

It’s certainly the most expensive country that we’ve been to, but that comes with the territory (pun intended). The isolation that makes Iceland harsh to live in, also makes it one of the most pure and wondrous places to visit. And whatever I write, nothing will do it justice, so I’ll just leave you with these 1+ year old pictures.

Check Lena’s site for more photos and details of this trip.

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