Land of fire and ice

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We knew 5 days would be a short time to explore the unreal landscapes Iceland had to offer, but any and every second spent on that magical land is bliss.

It was our first trip without baby L and we got to push our limits — we set out to drive all around Iceland through the Ring Road (aka Route 1) in just 5 days. Had lots of check points planned, but found even more surprises as the land revealed itself along the way.

It’s certainly the most expensive country that we’ve been to, but that comes with the territory (pun intended). The isolation that makes Iceland harsh to live in, also makes it one of the most pure and wondrous places to visit. And whatever I write, nothing will do it justice, so I’ll just leave you with these 1+ year old pictures.

Check Lena’s site for more photos and details of this trip.


The final shot

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16 thoughts on “Land of fire and ice

  1. Elio December 12, 2018

    These are amazing shots Filipe, looks like a great adventure! Are some of them HDR composites or that’s just camera dynamic range?

    1. Filipe Varela December 13, 2018

      No HDR shots here, just dynamic range with slightly more editing than normal on some of them. Mostly gradients to compensate for exposure differences. Thanks so much, Elio!

  2. Michael Arestad December 12, 2018

    Great photos! I can’t wait to go back myself.

    1. Filipe Varela December 13, 2018

      Thank you! I hear we’ve got another meetup coming up real soon. ;D

  3. Jeff Golenski December 12, 2018

    Absolutely incredible

    1. Filipe Varela December 13, 2018

      High praise coming from you, Jeff. Thanks so much!

  4. markdrovdahl December 12, 2018


    1. Filipe Varela December 13, 2018

      Thank you, sir.

  5. akane December 14, 2018

    Top notch pictures. <3

    1. Filipe Varela December 15, 2018


  6. Miguel Lezama December 14, 2018


    1. Filipe Varela December 15, 2018

      Gracias, Miguel!

  7. Michal Obi December 22, 2018

    Great photos. How are you finding the a6500 and which lenses did you use? I need to go back here and do a proper road trip!

    1. Filipe Varela December 23, 2018

      Hi there, Michal. I love the a6500 and used the 10-18mm almost exclusively on this trip. Since then I’ve upgraded to an A7 III though! Thanks for the kind words.

  8. Tiago January 18, 2019


    Fantástico :) Na verdade, por causa da Islândia ser tão popular eu tenho o bichinho de ir às ilhas Faróe. Já está a ver que é um daqueles destinos que vai explodir nos próximos anos. Só aquela imagem do lago em cima de falésia junto ao mar é daquelas coisas únicas no mundo. Pena não ter glaciares :/

    1. Filipe Varela January 21, 2019

      Verdade! Também andei a ver dessa volta, mas por agora temos outros planos. :) Obrigado, Tiago! Abraço!

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