Lately, life has been throwing a few curve balls at us. I haven’t had any time for myself, let alone sitting down and flipping through photos. Also feel that lately every post on this blog starts with this excuse — so here’s to a more regular schedule!

This set is from November of last year: Lena, baby L and myself flew to the Portuguese Hawaii, also known as Açores (or Azores). We spent a week in São Miguel, the largest island in the archipelago, exploring and hiking, enveloped by the massive virgin greenery.

November is not great to visit the Azores if you’re looking for sunny weather to hit the beach, but the various microclimates that glide and cross paths above the land are bound to change the landscape throughout the day and depending where you are. Been there once before, but was surprised and fascinated that we could appreciate the same scenery with such different color palettes and moods.

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