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After visiting Porto, we spent a few days in Peneda. This region is part of the bigger Peneda-Gerês National Park, which is still one of the purest natural areas of protected land in Portugal.

Photos don’t do it any justice; it’s impossible to capture such magnitude of untouched landscapes that change with every turn. The flat greenery suddenly gives place to tall harsh-edged mountains, which then transition into a moon-like landscapes in a blink of an eye, where waterfalls seem to bloom out of nowhere.

This is the spot where time stands still and that makes your appreciate how small we are in comparison with mother nature. photo photo photo photo
peneda-15@2x photo photo
peneda-16@2x photo photo
peneda-18@2x photo photo
peneda-20@2x photo photo
peneda-21@2x photo photo

The final shot

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