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The year of 2013 was going fine here in the blogland (for my low standards at least) until I suddenly stopped posting new photos. And only now I realize I forgot to say why.

You see, back in July-August last year Lena and I had the opportunity of a lifetime, to finally visit Japan. A trip that was in the works — or at least in the plans — for years and it was a dream come true.

We didn’t want to come back with just our memories because after all those years of day dreaming about the Land of the Rising Sun it would all feel eerily surreal to even think we’ve once been there. We thought about this for a bit and decided we’d better share this experience with everyone else in real time, allowing them to travel with us on our journey throughout Japan.

So 19 Days In Japan was created, a weird yet perfectly fitting name for our daily journal, while we traveled across the busy streets of Toyko, the never-ending fields of green that cover the entire island, the ever so wabi, quiet temples and shrines that are so secluded one can’t help but feel a presence of something larger than life.

We are working on a book for iPad and a print version (hence the previous test) but in the meanwhile enjoy the photos and don’t forget to visit the website — 19daysinjapan.com — for a fully immersive experience.


6 responses

  1. That is an awesome idea! U 2 rock! There! Said it =D

    1. Thank you, my dear friend. And thank you for rocking it with us.

  2. Amazing. I want to go there this year. I’m going to check 19 days in japan right now!

    1. Thanks for checking it out, Xavier — what did you think about it? It’s a bit stalled right now, but in my defense I’ve got a landing page for the website that I have yet to upload.

      1. Very nice, gorgeous pictures there. Actually I’m reading it to plan my own trip this summer. It’s a nice idea.

      2. keoshi Avatar

        Xavier, we’ve just launched the landing page on http://19daysinjapan.com with more info and an easier way to browse the days. Enjoy and let me know if you’d still like to see something that isn’t there.

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