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Can’t believe the last time I posted something on this blog was almost two years ago… Since I’ve last posted here, a lot has happened. And I don’t mean the pandemic — I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about it by now. I mean Madalena, my second daughter, was born!

Haven’t traveled much or picked up my camera often to be honest, so what I have is mostly old photos. And what were once street shots, photos of landscapes or interesting places, they’re now kids portraits or family photos.

It’s true that life has kept me busy, but I’ve been partly absent from this space because it’s hard for me to imagine anyone wanting to see what a mundane, mostly uneventful day to day looks like in these parts. All the while leaving behind unique moments that most likely won’t repeat themselves again.

It’s become clear that what truly matters are the memories you capture and embed in each photo, letting it tell you stories years from now. So here’s to more personal, more candid, more unforgettable moments! And let them be beautiful.

Here are a few photos from our first real family trip (and Madalena’s “maiden flight”) to Amsterdam. The last time Lena and I went to Mokum was in 2014 and, even though I visited more recently for work, we were both missing it.

This time we just happened to visit when Pride Amsterdam was in full-swing. We’d never seen the canals this packed with people, blaring music, and full of color — an amazing sight.

We also went to NEMO, Amsterdam’s Science Museum, which Leonor loved. I loved too, especially the giant Rude Goldberg machine they have!

Finally, we also went on a wonderful bike ride all the way to Haarlem — we packed light that day and didn’t have my camera with me for that, but check some of the photos on my instagram @keoshi.

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  1. markdrovdahl Avatar

    That last one is my fav =)

    1. Mark!! So good to see you around here. :) Yep, I think that one takes the cake.

  2. After a long gap💓

  3. God Bless Your Family 💓💓💓

    1. Thank you, Aleesha. Appreciate your kind words.

  4. Lindo :D Eu compreendo essa das fotos de família. Eu comprei um telemóvel novo (apenas com 64 GB) pouco depois da Lídia nascer, porque eu até nunca fui de ter muitas fotos no telemóvel e bem, passado um ano, não tenho espaço agora eheh

    1. Haha! There you go. :D

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