NYC – Day 7

This was out last day in NYC, not even a full one at that, but we still had big plans for it. We had to check out from the hotel in the morning, but they kept our luggage in storage while we took another stroll in the city.

We had bought tickets for The Top of the Rock, the magnificent observation deck that overlooks all of Manhattan and then some. Going up with a baby is conveniently easy as they usher us along the secondary path where queues don’t exist. After that, it was time to head back again to the High Line for one last gaze.

So much could be said about New York City: it’s a wonderful collection of seemingly paradoxal realities, a chaotic yet magical confluence of multiple cultures living together, a mix of old and the latest trends, the incessant energy of a big metropolis that has peaceful, neatly arranged neighborhoods. Cities within a city, cultures within a culture. So much could be said, and none of it would make it justice.

Last but not least, Lena took a hint and started posting her backlog of amazing NYC photos. Go check them out.

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