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We met with a good friend in Porto that will soon be leaving to Barcelona. He is pursuing both a new career opportunity and an overall life refresh. To me, a solid barometer into someone’s personality is the relation between one’s dreams and how much they act upon them despite the inevitable ups and downs of life itself. This guy has a plan, and I really admire his strength and determination, considering what he’s been through lately.

We talked about his new life in the cosmopolitan capital of Catalunya over good food and wine, which reminded me I still had some photos left (and already edited!) from our last year’s trip there.

Enjoy the randomness that came out of our short but great stay in this beautiful city. Before arriving in Barcelona we visited Montserrat, check those as well.


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  1. Charlene Avatar

    Hi, Can I know that what apps do you use to edit those photos? Thank you.=)

    1. Hi! Sure — I use Lightroom for managing and editing all my photos. :)

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