NYC – Day 1

Time doesn’t stop.

It’s now been 7 months since we went to NYC. It took me that much time to pause whatever craziness is going on in our lives and get these photos out. I don’t think it ever took this long for me to post photos of our vacation, so I’m unsure what does that say about the energy we channel through each of our passions. Or even if it says anything at all.

Despite all that, I’m happy to look at this photos after that long. L was 13 months old at the time and she’s 20 now. She’s gone through so many changes that it seems surreal this was her at some point. She behaved like a true champ, though.

Our modus operandi is to leave the house/hotel as soon as possible, and only return when the body has given up. More often that not, the mind is still wanting more when the feet have already punched out for the day. With this going on every single day, she didn’t even skip a beat: she laughed, smiled, was smiled at by a couple of famous folks (Aaron Paul and Alice Cooper), and slept like she does not usually at home.

Time doesn’t stop, but we certainly did our best to enjoy the city and create some memories that even time can’t take away.

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