NYC – Day 4

When we arrived at the hotel on day 3, we turned on the TV and saw the anti-violence protests going on in the entire country. Shortly after, we were seeing live images of the police force being shot at. It was all too real, so day 4 started a bit somber.

The minute we laid eyes on the High Line we fell in love. The High Line is an old, elevated railway section that was converted into a beautiful pedestrian path that crosses at least 20 blocks, which makes it a breeze to walk in NYC without having to stop on every intersection. It instantly became our favorite walk in Manhattan with all of its gardens, viewpoints, markets, and general awesomeness. More photos on NYC – Day 1.

On day 4 however, we grabbed a couple of bagels from Best Bagel & Coffee and headed to the High Line not to walk through it, but to sit down and really enjoy it. People watching might just be the most interesting chilled activity in such a cosmopolitan city like New York.

The rest of the day was spent walking towards south aimlessly and taking in the views, the diversity of each neighbourhood, and ended at Tacombi in Nolita (thanks Jim Gaffigan for including this delicious spot in your series).

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