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Being stuck on a plane isn’t always bad. It isn’t the best place to do serious work either, and I admire those who can, but the lack of internet and — let’s be honest — the lack of having anything better to do certainly creates a distraction-less environment, a sense of focus that is hard to emulate elsewhere.

This is especially true in a transatlantic flight for which the plane I’m sitting in at the moment wasn’t designed for, given the inexistence of any kind of an entertainment system. None.

Long story short, I opened Lightroom… I have photos that were taken earlier this year that have been sitting on the hard drive since June, even May, not to mention the ones from our trip to NYC with baby L.

It brings me immense joy to edit photos and post them here, but the sad thing is that I never seem to find the time, or actively create the opportunity to do so unless it’s too late anyway. It’s easy to be drowned in work and life in general, but it’s as important to learn how to slow down as it is to keep up with the daily crunch. And that is a skill that must be learned and developed like any other.

This seems to be a recurring theme on this blog, but on the bright side I got to travel back in time selecting and editing these, while I physically traveled in a metal pipe across the Atlantic. So, from this plane seat in the middle of the ocean to wherever you are: enjoy this and the upcoming posts!

P.S.: What an appropriate theme for this post, given that the following set of photos was taken on a relaxed stroll through the woods nearby our house, making the most of down time with the fam.

mutelife.com photo
mutelife.com photo
mutelife.com photo
mutelife.com photo
mutelife.com photo
mutelife.com photo

The final shot

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