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Back in August I got to spend a few days in Chicago with my internet friends, as we jokingly refer to each other, and on the very last day I had a couple of hours to stroll around downtown. Steph and Josh joined me at the Cloud Gate (aka The Bean) where we picked up a few bikes and pedalled our way back along the river. What a wonderful, sunny day it was!

I didn’t bring my camera with me this time, so these are iPhone shots, which I’ll keep posting more of in the next couple of days. Have a bunch of old photos sitting around waiting to be published, and the blog could use some uplifting. photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo

The final shot

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2 thoughts on “Cool bean

  1. Akane November 29, 2014

    Awesome pics! Para a próxima também vou! xP

    1. keoshi November 30, 2014

      Deal. Thank yoooou!

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