A whole new year

A new year has started and, while I pay very little attention to special dates (every day is meant to be special, right?), the introduction to this one was quite unique. For one, it’s the first time that we venture into a new year with baby L, and this year we got to do it in Berlin!

Lena had not traveled since we found out she was pregnant, and was quite antsy and excited about it. Traveling with a baby has its perks, but only enough to stop you and everyone else around to pull their hair off. I exaggerate of course — baby L was very fond of her first couple airplane experiences; there was a bit of fuss in the last hour or so of our flight to Germany, but none whatsoever coming back.

We met my brother and his girlfriend for a fun couple of days, though they ended up walking around and sight-seeing a lot more than we did. Turns out baby feeding scheduling is a lot more complex than anticipated and requires a bit more foresight than we care to admit. It was our third time in Berlin so we were not in a rush, and enjoyed our short strolls in the cold German weather, which we hadn’t dipped our toes in before. This year was atypical, so there was no snow in sight, and the cold didn’t faze us until the very last couple of days.

This city is so vibrant, so diverse, and hides a bunch of surprises around every corner — even in the cold months, it never disappoints. There were lot of local highlights on this trip, but if I had to pick one it’d have to be the House of Small Wonder — a Japanese-run café/restaurant with real (and delicious) Japanese food, set in a tree-house-like environment, that only they can pull off.

Here’s to a lot more traveling (and photos) in 2016!


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