Autumn in Berlin

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Back in October me and Lena returned to Berlin after two years (because that’s how much we love the city). Once again, it managed to surprise us! We ended up staying much closer to the center (thanks to airbnb) and saw the city in a whole different light.

Enjoy these photos (and retina sized at that) while I make extra time to edit the massive bunch still left.

autumn-in-berlin-02 photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo
autumn-in-berlin-12 photo photo

The final shot

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4 thoughts on “Autumn in Berlin

  1. needlight March 10, 2013

    wow..that first picture is AMAZING! thanks for sharing!

    1. keoshi March 11, 2013

      My pleasure, thanks for leaving your comment!

  2. Amman October 21, 2014

    Great work. Do you have a lot of the New Berlin Photos?

    1. keoshi October 23, 2014

      Hey, thanks! Not sure what you mean, but these are all from Berlin, Germany.

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