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MORE/REAL Stylus Cap was one of the first projects I funded and saw taking shape on Kickstarter (along with Glif and The Manual); after almost 9 months, it has landed on my desk.

With steady updates from the creator Don Lehman, an industrial designer at heart, MORE/REAL was the most exciting project to follow. Filled with amazing insights of all phases, well documented progress with photos and videos, reports of issues inherent to any prototyping and so much more, making it all so tangible for us: the community behind it.

This is what Kickstarter is all about. It’s not just ideas and products getting funded, it’s about following the journey as a integrant part of the project and learning along with it. This should be the standard for each and every project.

mutelife.com photo
mutelife.com photo

As for the product itself, it’s great as expected. The construction is really solid, fits the Pilot Fineliner just fine (there’s also a Sharpie and a Bic version) and the tip works great with every app I’ve thrown it at. It comes with a second tip entitled “slow tip” because it has a greater drag — meant to be the original one, Don got some feedback on the first shipped units and decided to change tips. The logo engraving is stunning and the packaging is the icing on top of an already excellent cake.


The final shot

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