House season finale & the 5DMKII

Just watched House season finale and was drooling the entire episode.
I still can’t believe they shot the entire thing with the Canon 5D MarkII

House 5DMKII

As the Director – Greg Yaitanes – said, they had to shoot in very tight spaces and that’s the main reason why they went with the 5D. Another reason, a more aesthetic one, is that he particularly enjoyed the very shallow DOF possible by the 35mm size sensor.

All comes together in a very visually original and interesting episode.
At some point they used CG on top of the footage – meaning there’s room (and quality) for professional use – and I must say I barely noticed any noise. These cameras are definitely a game-changer and this proves it more than ever.

House 5DMKII

Don’t forget to listen to the 1-hour interview with Philip Bloom. Also if you’re into this whole video DSLR stuff be sure to watch the full feature City of Lakes.

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