Vegas, baby

When I take a look at my photos library and keep finding folder after folder filled with unpublished (and sometimes edited!) photos, I can’t help but feel disappointed. Very few people know or remember what it’s like to go out with a new roll and deeply care — and think — about each shot you take, come home, take it out, develop it and scan it yourself. We’d become one with the camera and truly cherish the process, while expensive and frustrating it could get.

And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love digital, and what we can do today is nothing short of miraculous, but occasionally it gets a bit too easy and it isn’t appreciated as much as it should. Kinda like when we take a quick diagonal look through a photoblog while scrolling almost unconsciously. I know I’m guilty of it.

And that’s exactly the point: the medium has changed, but we should never forget or undervalue the intention of the shooter.

Enjoy some old photos of Vegas from the end of last year. And really enjoy them! :)


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  1. :D Luz, luz, luz!

    parabens. Belas fotos.

    As minhas favoritas são: a do túnel. e a das janelas, que formam o padrão. Belo olho.

    1. keoshi Avatar

      Thanks, brother!

    1. keoshi Avatar

      Thanks, mate!

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