The final shot

Hi there, welcome to my blog! I'm Filipe Varela, a designer at Automattic, and am passionate about photography and video. In this site I post photos from my journeys and daily ramblings — in sum, a slice of life. Browse through the archive or check the homepage for the latest posts.

  • Beautiful portrait, love the light you used!

    • Filipe Varela

      Nothing more than natural light reflected on a mirror. :)
      Thank you, Kelly!

  • Rbs

    Mt bom! Keep this up

    • Filipe Varela

      Thanks bro!

  • Doe

    Who… IS she? She’s absolutely perfect!!! I mean, by the makers, she’s 110% absolutely positively amazing!

    haha aw im only playing around xD Nah she’s pretty, really. Actually, I found this picture by accident. I put my own photo into GOOGLE image search and it showed me some results of “visually similar” images to my own face (I look nothing like her, maybe it’s just comparing the dark background to light face?) Anyway just clicked on to see, grats, it’s a great shot.