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At last, the blog section is open!

It’s almost 4 AM and I just finished the last bits and pieces, both coding and design — hopefully it will work correctly. (Which reminds me I haven’t any contact link or form in this web site…)

Finally, I don’t like to make blog-promises (because I kept breaking them in the ‘ol days), but I’ll say this much: I want to use this blog to upload content that doesn’t belong elsewhere: single images, annoucements, small articles, ramblings, etc. and use it like a personal visual diary.

Barco no Alqueva

To make this a more visual interesting post, here’s a picture I took a week ago, when Lena and I went to Alqueva, Alentejo.


The final shot

Hi there, welcome to my blog! I'm Filipe Varela, a designer at Automattic passionate about photography and video. In this site I post photos from my journeys across the world — a slice of life. Browse through the archive or check the homepage for the latest posts.

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