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A couple of days ago I ordered some film over the Internet. I thought of buying it in some physical store, but the prices are prohibitive.
For instance: a 35mm Provia 100F, 36 exposures roll is 3 times the price on an actual store.

So I searched around a bit and ended up with two options: and
The first is based in Germany, has a minimum order of €49.50 and charges about €18 for EU shipping; the latter is based in the UK, doesn’t have a minimum amount, has better prices overall and charges about €13 for the shipping (maximum of 2 KG).

Needless to say, I went for Fuji Lab (WPS Media). The order was processed and shipped in only 2 days. I’m now waiting for the goodies…

Here’s what I ordered, along with prices — pretty reasonable, I’d say.

film price
Total: £47.55
1 x VELVIA 100F 135 – 36 EXP (March 2010) £4.11
2 x VELVIA 100F 135 – 36 EXP £9.99
2 x FP100C 3.25″ X 4.25″ SILK – 10 SHEETS PER PACK* £16.99
3 x PROVIA 100F 35mm transparency film – 36 exp £16.46

* for my brother and his Mamiya RZ67

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