Bad days for Akira

It’s been a rough couple of days for Akira. It all started last Monday when we noticed some blood clots in his pee, mood changes, lethargic behavior, etc., and it’s been a ride since. Trips to the vet, sleepless nights, worry and concern of what it could be.

After a few tests — according to my bank account it was more than a few — it all seems to point that it was traumatic. Among all possibilities, this definitely is the least serious one and we can finally be at ease again. Of course it helps that he is clearly doing better and being the energetic canine he always has been.

Besides that, on Tuesday night Lisbon celebrated Santo António and while I’m not huge on saints I can’t reject a pretext to go out and have some fun.

Here’s an overview of the last few days through the lens of the x100.


2 responses

  1. So good. That one was made for you. ;)
    Glad to know Akira, the puppy™, is better now.

    1. Filipe Varela Avatar
      Filipe Varela

      Hah thanks! :)
      Really enjoying shooting again.

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