Moi même

When I’m not siting in front of a computer, I’m usually taking photos (you’re looking at them), listening to music (french touch ftw), enjoying a nice plate of food (sipping on some wine), or planning the next trip (would love to be a full-time traveler).

A few of years ago, Lena and I traveled to Japan and decided to document the whole thing in quasi-real-time — you can see the project at 19daysinjapan.com. We loved it so much, we returned the year after for 16 days.


Are you looking for someone to help you with a project? Want to buy a photo or a print of something you saw here? Or maybe you just want to say hi. Feel free to drop me a message at keoshi (at) keoshi.com. You can also reach me through twitter @keoshi.

Some history

My first contact with photography happened many years ago — I was 9 and my dad had a second-hand Olympus OM-10which still works beautifully to this day. I watched how he passionately captured moments of our lives and was always fascinated by it. From then on, I immersed myself in the world of photography learning about cameras, light, and all the technicalities of the craft.

mutelife is the culmination of several years of self-taught discipline, fun, and where I occasionally log special glimpses of my life. I also invite you to check out my instagram @keoshi.

What’s in my bag

My first serious digital camera was a Sony DSC-P7 — that thing was 3.2 MP of awesomeness that I could take with me everywhere, and shoot whenever and how much I felt like. After a few years on xmas, my father bought my brother and I a Nikon D70, a true step up and very nice introduction to the DSLR world.

A few years later, and after trading that for a D80, I’ve decided to jumped ship into Canon’s fleet and upgrade to full-frame — what a better choice than Canon’s flagship 5D Mark II. This decision wasn’t an easy one since I had quite a good glass collection for the Nikons. I always loved primes — the way they invite you to compose with your feet and how they perfom — so I went with the 50mm f/1.4 USM and the 35mm f/1.4L USM.

More recently I went back to a more purist approach, and while I love the performance and speed of DSLRs, I found myself leaving those heavy cameras at home rather than having them nearby as a natural extension of myself. They became a burden when they should have been inspirational. That’s when I knew I had to dip my toes in the mirrorless world. Wasn’t too sure at first so I got the Fujifilm x100 (upgraded later to the x100s) to complement the heavier DSLR setup, and switched a few months later to the superior Sony RX1 (see all photos) — got a second-hand model for less than half the price while in Japan — amazing little camera with a gorgeous full-frame sensor/Zeiss lens combo!

Nowadays I use my beloved Sony RX1R II (see all photos) — best camera I’ve used, hands down —, a Sony a7 III (see all photos), and always carry my iPhone with me.

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— Filipe Varela