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When I’m not siting in front of a computer, I’m usually taking photos (you’re looking at them), listening to music (french touch ftw), enjoying a nice plate of food (sipping on some wine), or planning the next trip (would love to be a full-time traveler).

A few of years ago, Lena and I traveled to Japan and decided to document the whole thing in quasi-real-time — you can see the project at 19daysinjapan.com. We loved it so much, we returned the following year for 16 days.

All the content you see on this site was created by a human.

A love affair with photography

My first contact with photography happened many years ago — I was 9 and my dad had a second-hand Olympus OM-10which still works beautifully to this day. I watched how he passionately captured moments of our lives and was always fascinated by it. From then on, I immersed myself in the world of photography learning about cameras, light, and all the technicalities of the craft.

mutelife is the culmination of several years of self-taught discipline, fun, and where I occasionally log special glimpses of my life. I also invite you to check out my instagram @keoshi.

What’s in my bag


Canon 5D Mark IISee all photos


Fujifilm x100Read review, see all photos


Sony RX1Read review, see all photos


Sony a7 IIISee all photos


iPhoneSee all photos


Sony RX1R IIRead review, see all photos


Sony a7 IVSee all photos

Brief gear history

My first serious digital camera was a Sony DSC-P7 — that thing was 3.2 MP of awesomeness that I could take with me everywhere, and shoot whenever and how much I felt like. After a few years on xmas, my father bought my brother and I a Nikon D70, a true step up and very nice introduction to the DSLR world.

A few years later, and after trading that for a D80, I’ve decided to jumped ship into Canon’s fleet and upgrade to full-frame — what a better choice than Canon’s flagship 5D Mark II. This decision wasn’t an easy one since I had quite a good glass collection for the Nikons. I always loved primes — the way they invite you to compose with your feet and how they perfom — so I went with the 50mm f/1.4 USM and the 35mm f/1.4L USM.

More recently I went back to a more purist approach, and while I love the performance and speed of DSLRs, I found myself leaving those heavy cameras at home rather than having them nearby as a natural extension of myself. They became a burden when they should have been inspirational. That’s when I knew I had to dip my toes in the mirrorless world. Wasn’t too sure at first so I got the Fujifilm x100 (upgraded later to the x100s) to complement the heavier DSLR setup, and switched a few months later to the superior Sony RX1 (see all photos) — got a second-hand model for less than half the price while in Japan — amazing little camera with a gorgeous full-frame sensor/Zeiss lens combo!

Nowadays I use my beloved Sony RX1R II (see all photos) — best camera I’ve used, hands down —, a Sony a7 IV (see all photos), and always carry my iPhone with me.


Are you looking for someone to help you with a project? Want to buy a photo or a print of something you saw here? Or maybe you just want to say hi. Feel free to drop me a message at keoshi (at) keoshi.com. You can also reach me through twitter @keoshi.

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— Filipe Varela

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