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Wandering through Lisbon

February 14th, 2014 · leave response · Tags: · ·


I have too many photos lying around my computer and most of them don’t ever see the light of day, so here’s to start changing that. Expect some old shots until I get up to date with my Lightroom library.

These are a few photos from summer last year when I got together with Zé, a long time friend, for a photo walk around town that led to more chatting, eating and drinking than actual shots. Good times.

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Wabi Japan

January 17th, 2014 · 6 responses · Tags: · ·


The year of 2013 was going fine here in the blogland (for my low standards at least) until I suddenly stopped posting new photos. And only now I realize I forgot to say why.

You see, back in July-August last year Lena and I had the opportunity of a lifetime, to finally visit Japan. A trip that was in the works — or at least in the plans — for years and it was a dream come true.

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